7 Reasons Teachers Need Office 365

Teachers are always striving to provide the best education possible for their students while often operating within strict budget constraints. Office 365 provides an abundance of technology that is often free for educators. There are several reasons why teachers should use Office 365 in their classrooms.

1. Provides a Variety of Apps

Office 365 offers several different types of apps to help teachers provide their students with a variety of online educational experiences. Whether it’s teaching interactive lessons or individualized learning, the apps can meet several educational needs. Applications are downloaded using Click-to-Run technology that allows users to install apps quickly. A few of the apps that are available include the following:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint – Students not only learn how to use PowerPoint, but how to put together professional presentations that are informational and engaging.
  • Microsoft Word – Students will learn to use Microsoft Word more effectively by using the many projects and lesson plans that are offered.
  • Microsoft Excel – Teachers can learn to make spreadsheets and data analysis fun and engaging for their students. The apps include lessons for everything from analyzing inventory from a store they like to creating a recipe.
  • Microsoft Publisher – Educators can use Microsoft Publisher to create posters and cards using clip art. There are a variety of color schemes, text choices, and backgrounds to choose from.
  • Skype – Students can connect with students from other classrooms around the world to collaborate on projects. These types of collaboration will enable students to learn about different countries and cultures.

2. Offers Cloud-based Access and Storage

As a cloud-hosted app, Office 365 is stored and supported by Microsoft. This means teachers and schools don’t own it but subscribe to it. Storage is another excellent reason to start using Office 365. All the data that is used by both staff and students is stored safely in the cloud. Since there is unlimited storage, there is no need to worry about having enough space for data. Teachers and students will no longer have to worry about losing a thumb drive containing hours of hard work.

3. It’s Always Updated

Updating computers and programs can be technically difficult and time-consuming. Since Office 365 is stored in the cloud and supported by Microsoft, it’s always being updated. This means schools can rely on the latest technology and security always being in place. There’s no need for continual maintenance or dependence on an internal IT team.

4. Provides School-to-Work Transition Skills

One of the top priorities of education is preparing students to make a smooth transition from the classroom to the workforce. Students are now expected to possess baseline technology skills. Office 365 can provide students with several types of training tools including learning how to Skype, put together PowerPoint presentations, and learn how to create graphs and spreadsheets.

5. Supports Global Collaboration

Office 365 provides opportunities for both teachers and students to collaborate with others around the world. Teachers can share information with PowerPoint, Excel, or Word and still rely on formatting remaining consistent. Collaboration is done in real time whether it’s with a school across town or across the globe. Teachers can also use collaboration tools to offer tutoring and online classes.

6. Predictable Costs

One of the most attractive aspects of this service is that the Office 365 for Education is offered free for students and teachers that are currently attending an educational institution. There are basic services and applications that come with this particular offer. Teachers can expect to receive Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, SharePoint, and Yammer. There is also unlimited storage when five or more users have subscribed. A school may decide to pay for extra services, depending on each teacher’s individuals needs for the classroom.

7. Data Control and Security

Office 365 provides a high level of built-in security that can keep student and teacher data secure. There is both 24-hour monitoring and threat management security. Teachers can rely on consistent anti-spam and anti-malware protection. With a strong level of safety, schools won’t have to worry about student data being compromised.

Office 365 in Schools

Office 365 can help teachers easily organize their materials, put together interactive lessons plans, and create individualized learning plans for each of their students. Teachers and students can easily access all the great training and tools that are available at any time.